Meepo Dragonlord


Slightly above average sized kobold around 3’10” and weighing just under 100lbs. Meepo has green eyes and dark green skin with a scaly tail. For a kobold, he comes across as distinguished and regal which is unusual for his kind.


Somewhat unnaturally, Meepo has lived for centuries as the guardian of the great dragon nursery – a refuge for good and evil dragons alike. Meepo has birthed and raised some of the most distinguished dragons of Eberron. He has befriended many powerful mothers of dragonkind that have been unable to care for their young or unhatched eggs. As Meepo understands them – dragons live a very dangerous lifestyle in Eberron – always sought after by adventurers both good and evil for their treasures or their heads for trophies. Meepo is sympathetic to all dragons for their existence and set up the nursery as a means to make it easier for new dragons coming into the world and to impart upon them some sense of responsibility for their powers and to make a positive impact on the world.

Meepo Dragonlord

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