Gwylo Profitere

Priest of Kol Korran


5’8” brown-haired, slim built half-elf with slightly more human facial features except for noticeable pointy ears. Gwylo has brown eyes and a charming appearance to all who meet him.


Gwylo Profitere is a priest of Kol Korran – the deity of merchants and travellers. Gwylo proceeds in all actions that it is better to negotiate than fight when attempting to deal with hostile enemies. Everyone has a price whether it is monetary in nature or some other selfish goal. In the end, people and creatures have basic needs and wants – followers of Kol Korran attempt to help the faithful fulfill their goals through the basic tenets of hard work and negotiation. Gwylo is a care free individual who has been thrown into an unwanted war making him sometimes the emmisary or diplomat who has to deliver the undesirable messages of the good people he surrounds himself with.

Gwylo Profitere

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