Height: 4’ 3” Weight: 220 lb Skin: Tan Eyes: Dark Brown Hair: Black; Wavy; Average Beard

Dagnar is a dwarf fighter originally from Breland – he wields an ancient bastard sword known as Vraath’s Vengeance. He wears full plate armor and a large tower shield making him one of the primary tankers in the party.


Dagnar came to Stormreach at the whim of one of his cousins from House Kundarak. He promised him a full time job working one of the many great forges and wealth in abundance. Of course, Dagnar should have known better that it was too good to be true. When he arrived in Stormreach, the position had been filled and the wait list was over (6) months for the next position to open up. He cursed his cousin for not holding the job open for him and after a short brawl had ensued – Dagnar decided to go back to doing what he knew best – fighting. He had heard that adventurers in Stormreach had found large deposits of treasure within the many ruins scattered about Xen’drik. With that, Dagnar began training hard in the fighter’s guild where he met a sentient warforged named Kron. Through their first sparring matches together, Dagnar was intrigued to learn more and decided to meet the rest of his companions. From there, Dagnar found his place in Stormreach and a group of adventurers to help him begin amass the treasures that would give him the satisfaction of never having to rely on his cousins at House Kundarak for his future welfare.


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