Ravilak Norberre


Height: 6’ 1” Weight: 190 lb Skin: Pale Eyes: Light Brown Hair: White; Balding; White Beard

Ravilak has an over abundance of scrolls, potions and wands bulging from his pack. He typically is seen wielding his light crossbow or his quarterstaff. His homonculus, “Re-Kron” is never too far from his side.



Ravilak Norberre is one of the last few of a line of artificers – the craftsmen used in the Last War to create extraordinary items including a new form of golems known as the warforged. Ravilak’s quest to learn how the warforged gained sentient life has recently made progress as he found two such warforged recently who fought in the last war – Rune Silverhead and Kron Ironhead. These two warforged are akin to “children” trying to discover their heritage, how they came to be and what their purpose in the world is. Ravilak tries to provide that guidance and, at the same time, hone is own skills to bring back the great fame that artificers once held in Eberron. Stormreach is a perfect place to begin his career. The region of Xen’drik is filled with ancient ruins and is the second most densely populated region of dragon shards in all of Eberron making it rife for an artificer to build items beyond those or mere artisans. It is now in Stormreach with a party of new companions and his warforged wards that Ravilak embarks on a career of adventure that will take him away from the safe haven of the wall surrounding Stormreach but into the wilds of Xen’drik where ancient magics can be found…

Ravilak Norberre

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