Rune Silverhead

Warforged Wizard


Rune wields a lightly glowing quarterstaff and close by is his wolverine familiar, “Cuddles”. His light crossbow hangs from his back. Rune wears a glowing headband filled with strange runes on it. A blue tinted wand hangs from his belt and the docent embedded in his chest glows dark blue. The dazzling lights from his arms are from bracers that have been inlaid into his warforged body by one of his closest friends and mentor – the artificer, Ravilak Norberre.



Rune vividly remembers his dream of the dragon shard storm the night before that fateful final battle in Breland. He tried to warn his commanders but would they listen? Nooo, of course not… warforged don’t dream they said – it’s impossible for a warforged for dream but yet it happened! The events of the dragon shard storm happened almost identically to his dream – Rune doesn’t believe he has any mystical foresight but it was strange how he did dream that particular event – it’s as if his very being were being attuned and drawn to it. When Ravilak found him and Kron years later, Rune was in a nightmarish hell – he could remember bits and pieces of events as he continued to ‘dream’ through his entire inert state but couldn’t awaken. Rune’s constant fear is of going inert again but being able to dream and be ‘alive’ in the process. Now that he is a sentient being – will he ever die? What is going to happen when he does die? Will life just end? Rune still dreams now that he is in Stormreach – even though he doesn’t need to sleep – he enjoys it – plus it serves the purpose of enabling his arcane thoughts to memorize the many spells he has at his command. He has told Ravilak of his ability to dream but Ravilak hasn’t really said or done anything about it. He’s always so busy thinking up some new contraption or device. Rune is beginning to wonder if he shouldn’t start looking for the answers to his questions elsewhere. He hasn’t really talked to Kron about this yet because he seems to idealize Ravilak for saving us but Rune has always been more of a free thinking spirit. The only problem is with this current group of dull witted individuals – he’ll probably never find his answers without going off on his own. Ravilak is the only other intelligent thinker in the group! At least he has Cuddles now to hang out with – the little wolverine is so fun to play with and talk to – he never talks back but seems to understand every word. Now, with a new mission at hand, Rune is looking forward to continuing to hone his arcane skills and amass some more magic to make him a powerful force to be reckoned with in Stormreach and surrounding region of Xen’drik.

Rune Silverhead

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